Customized Solutions

RJA takes a quantitative, research-based approach to establishing equity options strategies for institutional clients.


Overlay solutions

RJA Overlay Solutions alter the risk-return profile of existing investments and exposures using options. In tailoring our recommendations to each client's specific preferences and needs, we take into consideration existing positions, risk tolerances, capital constraints, policy considerations, and other client-specific factors as may be appropriate.

Overlay Solutions are developed to meet a range of client needs stemming from portfolios of equity securities held as investments by corporations, defined benefit plans or endowments.

Alpha solutions

RJA Alpha Solutions are designed to supplement a client's existing investment portfolio by providing a source of market-neutral returns. A portfolio of S&P 500 Index Options is constructed that aims to achieve positive returns across all market conditions.

Return Replication solutions

RJA Return Replication Solutions are designed to provide liquid, synthetic exposure to investments in alternative asset classes, such as private equity. Please see our whitepaper Synthetic Private Equity Exposure Using Equity Index Options for more detail.