The RJA Difference

RJA designs and implements equity option strategies for institutional clients. We are uniquely positioned to deliver value and help our clients achieve their objectives:

Zero Conflicts

We are an independent, privately owned firm. Helping our clients to achieve their investment goals is our singular priority.

State of the Art Research Capabilities

RJA’s research is similar to what you would see at a university or bank, but unlike dealing with a larger institution, RJA’s agenda is driven exclusively by its clients’ interests. Because RJA’s researchers are not only trained by the world’s leading academic institutions, but also are closely involved with all aspects of strategy design, execution, and implementation, our research is both theoretically sound and practically relevant.

Attention & Accountability

All principals review each client’s performance every day and actively seek opportunities to enhance performance as market conditions change.

Options Expertise

All of RJA’s attention is devoted to equity option markets so we remain up to date with the latest developments in the field while serving as an authority on all aspects of options trading, pricing, accounting, and risk management considerations.

Collaborative Partners

RJA partners with its clients to provide 360 degree support, from options education to preparing materials for board meetings and providing truly independent advice and analysis on all investment-related questions. RJA understands that strategy design and implementation are only part of the investment process. We are fully available for questions or discussion.

High-Touch Bespoke Solutions

In our customized solutions business, RJA’s entire team works closely with its clients to build strategies from the ground up, designed to meet the unique needs of each client in every market environment.